DUI attorneys in Greenville, South Carolina

DUI attorneyYou need help from a lawyer after being charged with a DUI in the Greenville area. Attorney advice should be sought immediately after the accusation is made, as you need fast assistance to avoid lasting consequences. The Law Offices of John M. Mussetto LLC can answer your questions and get your DUI defense started.

We understand that this kind of charge can make you nervous about what's to come, as you face penalties that include jail time, thousands of dollars in fines, and restricted driving privileges, if you are allowed to drive at all. This is why we can set up appointments at night and on the weekend, as we know you want advice as soon as possible. In addition, having direct contact with your lawyer should alleviate some of your fears since you know the answers you are getting are accurate and well-researched.

You deserve to know all your rights, as well as the possible consequences for driving under the influence. If you fully understand the charges and penalties you face, then you will want to get started defending yourself. It is time to hire an experienced Greenville, South Carolina, DUI attorney. Call The Law Offices of John M. Mussetto LLC to schedule your first appointment today.